How many players are stringhoppers? How many are naturals? What's in between?

Are you sure you’re “stringhopping”? Because we often seem to have convinced players they have problems that they actually don’t. When in doubt, feel free to post a clip and we’re happy to take a look at it.

So are you only counting lead guitar players? How many rhythm guitar players are strong hoppers? And I bet there is more than double the rhythm players than lead. So most of the world is terrible at picking? I hope. I don’t want to be alone.

I think we are talking in general about the ability (or lack thereof) to pick fast on a single string - regardless of rhythm / lead applications!

I personally would like to believe that anyone with healthy hands/tendons can pick fast (i.e. around 150bpm 16th notes and above) - they may just need guidance to find an appropriate movement.

But we don’t really know for sure!

I’m not sure I’ve seen “rhythm stringhopping”. My guess is the instance of this would be somewhat lower since most people probably try to use forearm or elbow when they strum, and those joints don’t really “hop”, per se. Stringhopping is usually a wrist motion. I’m not saying everyone is automatically awesome at strumming. But that’s not the same thing as “stringhopping”.

Ah wait I thought we were thinking of single-note playing and rhythm = “metal riffs on the lower strings”

But if we include strumming a new question arises in my mind:

Does anyone have an example of a player who can strum faster than their single-string picking? Or is anyone currently in this situation?

Lots of players I’m sure. For the same reason we get people saying they can “tremolo” faster than they can “alternate pick”. Around here everything is just an alternating motion, there’s no difference. But a lot of people don’t see tremolo and alternate picking as the same thing. In similar fashion I’m sure there are players who have good forearm type strumming speed but can’t do anchored wrist picking, for example, just because it’s a different motion and they don’t know how. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this particular example in a lesson or something, I just don’t remember.

Sorry I don’t know much about the scientific categories and names. I don’t mean to throw you off with my laments terms Troy. I’m a novice. Also I can strum WAY faster and more consistently than I can pick. It’s not even close. As long as I’m just aiming for 3-6 strings I can fly. Or the 1 low E string. I can play full bore Swedish death metal, but as soon as I dip inside the other strings I’m lost.

It’s possible I’m talking about something different. I’ll just let you guys talk. Sorry. Ha.

That sounds super interesting to me!! Would you feel like doing a Critique thread about this? It will be interesting to try and find out what the difference between your two movements is, and if we can harness your strumming powers for single notes!

Yea. This is me. I can’t alternate pick much either. I’m learning though.