How to get better hand synch?

ive had problems with hand synch all my guitar life, I always thought oh my left hand isn’t fast enough rather then both hands as a team, and also my picking technique, ive reached Malmsteen’s chunking exercise in pickslanting primer and I can do 80bpm for a tiny bit before shifting out of focus and then back in, but then after 5 mins my left hand is completly destroyed and whatever I play becomes sloppy due to fatigue, what do u recommend I do?

Sounds like you’re fretting too hard or using inefficient fingering. Are you feeling a lot of burn in your left hand and have you tried concentrating on using minimal pressure to fret notes?

Make a video of your fretting hand and post it here.


im more focusing on the first note, instinctively all these years I thought shred should be fast and hard but that’s silly, I do put my thumb lower on the neck for it since I need the finger space

Synchronization issues are often, but not always, rhythm issues.

In order to play a rhythm you have to produce the rhythm in your brain. You have to audiate strongly, and connect this to movement. Strongly felt rhythm connects the mind across hemispheres. So does balancing. Tap your foot. Move your body. Bob your head. Imagine the loudest drum groove you can.

I practice rhythm rudiments on drums, percussion, bass, guitar, banjo, and keys, and I use konnakol. Konnakol is rhythm solfege which developed in India thousands of years ago. Connecting rhythm rudiments to speech is a natural way to ensure that strong audiation is happening because we are all primed and practiced at speech.

I can connect my rhythm audiation to many different kinds of movements and techniques on stringed instruments- clawhammer, crosspicking, Travis picking, thumping, tapping, etc. You practice these things by practicing awareness. No one can tell you how much pressure you need in your hands, and even if they could you have to be aware of what your hand is doing.

I’ve also found that 20 minutes of meditation can beat 40 minutes of practice because you’re practicing awareness. The best practice though, is a form of meditation.

I do practice meditatetion for awareness! due to Steve Vai:) but I never thought to use my awareness for rhythm usually just to not be anxious when playing guitar>

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There is another thread on here with almost the exact same topic. I made a drill that helps with this and linked it in the other thread. A few people reported good results and it has helped me too

Good luck!

There’s some excellent video on grip and how it relates to fretting that were linked in the other “hand synch” thread. It’s hard to know what is causing synchronization problem because so many technical issues could cause it. (Kind of like “engine trouble”)