How To Pick The 'I Am A Viking' Main Riff Lick


I’ve been trying to work out how Yngwie picks the fast ascending riff lick in ‘I Am A Viking’. This is the best I could come up with, using sneaky hammer ons when I couldn’t otherwise get the Volcano Method to work.

What do you guys think, do you think this is probably the way he plays it? Do you think one hammer on gives you enough time to ‘cheat’ at fast speeds?


Hope that explains the picking pattern I used okay. This kinda thing with the hammers ons is what I’ve been doing whenever I run into these sorts of issues, it just depends for me how much legato I’m willing to use.

Here is an example of me playing it slowly:

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@Troy . what did you think of this technique? Based on the tab? Thx

I you check out the book “Neoclassical Speedstrategies for guitar” by Chris Brooks that is exactly the way Yngwie would pick that run. Chris calls it "the lone note exception.


Chris Brooks breaks it down here: