How to post slow speed videos

How are people posting slow motion video? Normal speed to YouTube is simple, but slow mo means dragging into video editing software and manipulating. Does anyone was quick, minimal step process? What software is used?

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Hey! We’ve got some detail here that may be helpful:

First make sure you’re shooting at 120fps, then a couple options to upload with slow-mo:

  1. Duplicate the clip in video editing software, and set the second instance to 25% speed so you have regular + slow back to back in one video. You can
  2. If your phone allows (e.g. iPhone, not sure about others) you can set the “range” for speed ramping, and just play your example twice while filming, then set the slow-mo in and out points just for the second repetition, upload from the YouTube app, and it should have the slow-mo part baked in
  3. Alternatively you could export the clip twice, once as regular speed and once as slow-mo, similar to (1) but maybe easier editing, it’d just mean uploading two separate clips

Couple other tips here, though iPhone specific, I don’t have specific recs for Android but I have to imagine there are some decent basic video apps available!

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Hello, Thegent
Glad to help you here, you can try TunesKit AceMovi to slow down your video


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