How to record a cassette tape on a computer?

I have accumulated a box of audio cassettes from my childhood years
and on many of them I have recorded songs that I do not remember,
ie performers and titles.

The point is that now I would like to record these cassettes on a computer and put on the network a few songs to someone help me determine who plays what.

The problem is that I do not know how to do it
because I do not have a tape recorder.

There any walkman-style toys that can be connected to a computer
and in real-time record on disc what you are listening to on tape?

Anything with a working headphone jack can be connected to the “line in” on your computer, so you have a lot of choices for the cassette player. Besides a cable, you will also need recording software. Audacity is a good choice and free to download. Once you’ve recorded your cassette with Audacity, you can export the files to a folder on your computer. There’s a learning curve with Audacity, but you can find helpful videos on Youtube.