How to sit with an Ibanez RG?

When I play sitting, I hold any guitar in the “classical” style. On an RG, the cable consequentially goes directly into my right thigh. Does anyone have a cure for this problem? The best that I have found to date is use a 90 degree connector (shown), but it’s not ideal. Thoughts/advice are welcome!

This is my cable: WA304 - Instrument Cable - Shure USA

Do you not like putting the strap on? Can get it to float just above your leg. @Pepepicks66 does that a lot I think?

I have an RG, but the jack is “normal” (a MIJ RG752, what model is yours?). Those angled jacks I mostly associate with the JEM - I think the idea is well-intended when standing, but I definitely see it being an issue for classical posture.

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Ah, I didn’t know that they moved the jack around! It is a RG8570. I presume that they assume that everybody sits with their guitar balanced on their right leg (something that leaves me uncomfortably twisted).

This way the guitar is really solid and doesn’t move, even with no hands. What is surprising to me is that a Flying V is excellent for sitting—much better than my ergonomic-looking Ibanez!

Do you mean having it on your leg it’s solid?

Yeah, look at these guys and you’ll get the general idea. You can see where a guitar like mine has a really bad jack location.

J. Custom, very nice! I think all the Prestige RGs have the old-style jack placement - I also sit classical, so that works out for me.

Beautiful guitar at any rate, hope you figure out a solution!

It’s pretty solid if you strap it snug. And having the guitar neck move around shouldn’t be a problem. I tend to think the classical position isn’t the best for electric as the body is so much thinner. Theres no need to to almost hug the guitar unlike an acoustic. If you insist on it being in that position only thing I can think of besides the strap is maybe try create something to slot over that area, maybe something on the guitar or your leg, or perhaps try get a wireless built into it, it looks like it’s got space in the back? Looks great from behind btw

Was thinking also how about a midi pickup? Not only pretty cool but I don’t think they go over the jack at all?

I just looked at a midi pick up with no jack attachment… 500 quid! LOL Ridiculous

Yeah I do this, and definitely would recommend it.

I just noticed this video of Jeff Loomis, and his sitting seems to be maximally ergonomic in my eyes, and exactly what I attempt to do. For those of you with your axe on your right leg, give it a try for a bit the next time that you practice. :grinning:

Unfortunately, that is even worse than the 90 degree connector that I use now, because a straight connector goes right into one’s thigh (and bends the cable at an extreme angle, etc., likely reducing its life in addition to causing discomfort). Consequentially, right now I don’t play this guitar sitting down much, and that’s bad, as it’s supposed to be my main guitar! I’ve been looking for a low-profile 1/4 inch jack, and if I find one, then I can make a custom cable and everything should be fine. I’m still somewhat surprised that a commercial product doesn’t exist, but so be it.

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Just get another strap for sit down sessions and be done with it. I think a low-profile jack will be harder to remove and the cable will fail if there is pressure and constant movement eventually.

Get more strap locks if that’s what you need.

Here is a regular cable fully plugged into the guitar. Nothing that you are suggesting in any way helps with my question, to maintain a classical seating position with this type of RG.

All that’s left is to get another guitar or route a new jack. You can get close to a classical position with a strap and a chair that leans a bit back.

I can’t route a new jack as this would likely destroy the value of my guitar. However, I suspect that this type of cable will work:

Instead of splicing cables to make it reach my wireless, I’d probably get some kind of connector that takes two 1/4" male jacks (this?) and call it a day.

Alas, the classical style involves sitting at the edge of the chair, so one doesn’t lean back upon the seat.

And a classical guitar :laughing:
Good luck mate.

wrap the cord in back of the strap and around they do make a flexible swivel ack.
PIVOT-ALL™ CABLES – Godlyke Distributing, Inc..
or get a wireless set up

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Wow, that jack really is in the worst possible place for a classical playing posture.

You might try a different type of classical posture: flamenco players sit with crossed legs (either leg over the other), which places the guitar neck at a similar orientation to the classical posture but will leave that jack area clear of your body.


That’s a great suggestion!

In fact, I’d forgotten to mention this to you @kgk but after watching some Marshall Harrison clips I noticed how high up his guitar is, yet it’s still on his right leg. The other day I tried using a foot stool to simulate it and I’m actually floored at how comfy it is. The guitar doesn’t budge and it allows very ergonomic fretting too, particularly if the neck is angled up just a little. It probably places it at the same angle you’d get in normal classical posture. So far I’m liking it so much I may not return the way I’ve been holding a guitar while seated for all these years.

True classical I’ll probably keep what I’m used to though, but I have a brace with suction cups that allows the guitar to stay put

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