How to start increasing picking speed, I'm a new member

What do I work on, where do I start. I watched Troy’s videos, but where do I begin learning to start picking faster?


Tapping tests my man, the tapping tests!


Getting the tremolo right is key, comfort,speed, consistency and a nice sound! Even MAB says he starts warming up with the tremolo to get it consistent and fast. Just playing it on a single string and then maybe you get a single escape motion from that which would allow to switch strings.


The pickslanting primer is laid out in order. Like others have said, the hands on stuff is going to be the part with the table tapping tests to figure out what joint motion you can do fastest, then apply that to a tremolo. Once you understand what implications the picking motion has, you can get together tons of phrases that work with it.

Got it, I ha e to get used to the layout Thanks!

Got it. I just keep getting hung up on strings. The pick motion doesn’t seem very smooth, kind of like it’s digging in too much. Thanks for the input.

Take advantage of the Technique Critique available with your subscription.

You’ll learn more about what’s good and what needs improvement. It takes the guesswork out of it.

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I will, this sounds like what I have been looking for.

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Technique critique is where it’s at, they discovered I use mainly RDT wrist motion and some elbow, then with the pickslanting primer wrist motion tutorials I polished some of the details, I don’t do it the textbook form but it is still RDT wrist motion, but but for example, Troy mentions that the motion of the wrist is from neutral position to radial deviation, I was sometimes using ulnar deviation of the wrist which was creating excess tension and pain, so then I fixed that issue.