How would you pick these riffs? (gallop / herta / tremolo)

These examples both have a single note followed by a triplet (all on the lower string), then six evenly timed notes (on a higher string). It seems “normal” to go d,dud,DUDUDU (capitals denoting the higher string). In my head it may be more efficient / good practice to go d,udu,DUDUDU - but I’m really struggling to “gallop” that “triplet” udu. I also tried out u, dud,DUDUDU and u,dud,UDUDUD and didn’t have as much luck with either. Thoughts? (as an aside, if you were doing a long gallop, are you going dud,dud,dud? Anyone prefer dud,udu,dud? Perhaps I’m overthinking this; alllowing more d than u is fine. Anyway, here are the examples:

Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal (13:42 if link doesn’t work)

Origin - Saligia (1:23 if link doesn’t work) [actually not sure if recording has 4 notes on low string or just 3 as he appears to play]

Pretty sure I would do d dud dududu, I don’t think many people gallop udu. The only person I can think of that might would be Mike from the Red Chord.

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well he said “hypertension, diabetes…I’ve had it all, now I can’t feel my legs” plus he’s left handed so he can’t be trusted :grinning:

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@_RH Man I love that song! All I can think of now is seeing them live with everyone yelling “it’s not gonna be alright, it’s not gonna be ok.” Great times!