How would you pick this lick FAST?

Hey guys, so here’s a Blues Pentatonic lick that’s cliche as cliche gets. I bet everyone here has played it (or some variation of it) before. How would you pick it, and what mechanic(s) would you use to get this lick burning fast?

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I’m still at that awkward “superman with the rubish bin on his head” stage that Troy talked about in cracking the code. But I think some of the pros here will back me up.

starting from the pull off bit. Pull off with an upstroke, rotate the wrist into the DPX “upward pick slanting” stance. Downstroke on seven. Maintaining that stance, sweep down 5, 5, 7, then the 7 5, 7 5, 8 5, all result in a string change after an escaped stroke leaving you clear to hit that last G note on the D string


I would personally hybrid pick the s$%^ out of this :slight_smile:

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And the whole thing is dsx


Haven’t triedx but it looks like a great solution!

Since the first donwstroke is a bit longer, I would say that your solution can we done with pure DSX (downstroke escape) motion - unless I’m missing something!

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For whatever it’s worth, here are a dozen or so approaches with escape paths marked, making it easier maybe to compare pros and cons:

Grey is for non-picked notes (either slur or right hand finger)

Since this is a tool I made for myself, and I have a much easier time with usx, usx escapes are black, dsx escapes are red, and ‘one note per string’ moments of alternate picking are tan/orange.

If there are any practical approaches I left out, let me know.


Wow Jake! How did you create your tool? Is a spreadsheet , or is it a program/app that you created? Am digging the labelling too: “By the Book” “Slur Central” :ok_hand: :sunglasses:

Haha this is great I guess some excel macros ?

The right answer is whatever works for you and most importantly whatever sounds good for you.

As highlighted by Jake there are multiple ways to play it, there’s probably 2 or 3 options that would be chosen by the majority of players on here depending on whether they are DSX or USX or USX with Dsweep etc.

But what matters is that it feels good when you play it and more importantly that you can make it your own.

Yes sir, google sheets :laughing:

This actually just scratches the surface of what it can do. I can also import from guitar pro , and have the tool choose stroke/slurs based on presets like “all alternate, but slurs to avoid usx.” it can also generate exercises and licks within user-set parameters like key, fret range, %probability of different #of notes per string (eg, roughly 75% 1NPS and 25% 3NPS, etc etc)

I’ve always tinkered with sheets but during the pandemic times for some reason this kind of stuff was my ‘escape’ (no pun intended) and I got pretty obsessive. I probably have a few dozen of these now for different purposes.


I would probably start trying A (some sort of attempt at 2wps), but end with something like B:

Legit wow. That’s amazing.