How would YOU play this example?

How would you play this? Would you complete the descending sweep with an upstroke on 13 (D string) and downstroke ascending on 11 (G string) or finish the descending sweep on 11 (G string) and start the ascending sweep on a downstroke for 13 (D string)

In context it’s a section of a solo im learning and it repeats in a similar fashion.

I’ve always done the second example but it’s always felt very shaky and hit or miss, but the new way isn’t synching up either… I’m a huge believer in putting in the time and finding what works but it’s been years prior to finding CTC and now even with it nothing about this pattern with 4 strings ending on a single note and ascending feels “right” “comfortable” or guaranteed to work at any tempo I’d want to play this in.


I would pick the first note F (13th fret, 1st string) with an upstroke, pull off to the D (10th fret, 1st string), and pick the Bb (11th fret, 2nd string) and F (10th fret, 3rd string) using upstrokes. I would ascend the arpeggio starting with a downstroke on the D (12 fret, 4th string) and then pick the F (10th fret, 3rd string), Bb (11th fret, 2nd string) and D (10th fret, 1st string) using downstrokes. Repeat as necessary.

Thanks for the reply! Yes, some times has passed since this post. I ultimately found the first one held up to the speed test at max tempos. It was uncomfortable changing this movement after years ( as @Troy mentions many times) but once I got the physical movement in my minds eye and did the speed test this way shot me from this videos tempo to 200-210 bpm for bars. What a difference!!! Still having a hard time getting past 180-190bpm with different finger patterns but the right hand is sorted.