Howdy From Central Texas

Howdy y’all!

My name is Lars, and I live in Austin, TX. Originally a Cheesehead from Waukesha Wisconsin, home of Les Paul, and the BoDeans.

I’ve been playing guitar for just about 9 weeks at the time of this post, and I pretty much suck at everything. I know non-guitar players love to watch the left hand, but it seems the right hand is at least as important if not more so. Another player recommended Cracking The Code so… here I am.

I like many Genres of music, but have recently been on a Late 70’s early 80’s hard rock kick. Listening to a lot of AC/DC and the like.

I’ve been taking lessons weekly with an instructor here in Austin. Every week we work for an hour. I still practice picking all the natural notes on the top three frets twice clean ascending and descending at the beginning and end of every practice session.

In addition to lessons in person, I’ve been working through the Fender Play online guitar lessons. (Rock Track.)

So far I’ve watched all of the “Pick Design and Function” videos.
I’m still learning the scales, but can play the Am/CM extended pentatonic scale from the 6th string 3rd fret down to the 1st string 10th fret… Slowly.

Hopefully I’ll learn some coordination between my hands. As well as some good techniques early on so I won’t have years of bad habits to break, simply weeks at this point.


Hi Lars! Thanks for signing up. One thing we’ve thought about in making our latest round of updates is how to make things approachable, not just for experienced players who have hit a plateau, but also totally new players too.

The pick design stuff was geared to both audiences. New players might want to know what types of picks are available, generally what the differences are, and how to choose one. Experienced players probably like to nerd out a little more in the materials and sound. But one concern we have is that by trying to help both crowds we may end up helping neither, so any feedback on those chapters would be helpful.

Same thing as you check out the grip and motion lessons - any feedback on how easy / hard some of those feel as a totally new player would be great. I would venture to guess a lot of us can’t remember precisely what we did when were first learning, so in one way I’m a little nostalgic that you’re getting to do this learning in the Internet era.

Let us know how you make out.