I am a Viking pre solo run

Been trying to learn this lick for a while…can’t figure out the best picking once I get to the high e string. Anyone have any advice?

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Assuming these notes are the right ones, on the high E I’d play the 10 with the index finger and then 12, 10, 8, and 7 with fourth, third, second, and first fingers. This is then reversed for 7, 8, 10 and 11, and then a slide with the little finger into 12 which is picked as you arrive at the twelfth fret. The rest follows the same fingering pattern.

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I’m not sure your tab is correct. After listening to the run in 0.25 speed I’m pretty sure these are the notes he plays.

It starts with a swept three-note per string scale run (E-minor scale starting on 9th fret on A string) and goes into his trademark fours along the E-string, ending with the standard Black star lick that’s just extended with notes of the E-minor scale down to the low E. Sorry I don’t have tab of this.


That TAB is wrong

Here’s a project if your interested

1 - Check out the TAB with Guitar Pro
2 - Create a new file and copy the intro lick into it
3 - Check the TAB using Transcribe! to slow down the playback
4 - Make any corrections if you find any note errors in the TAB
5 - Post your new improved TAB here


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