I am at that point... I need Skype lessons. Any suggestions?


I desperately need Skype lessons from someone who knows the mechanics, can look at what I am doing wrong and make suggestions with follow ups, etc. Is there anyone like this on this forum or can someone suggest anyone that does this? I asked Chris Brooks but he doesn’t teach anymore. He did give me some good pointers which was really nice of him.

I am trying to learn Yngwie and Eric Johnson licks, trying to modify my technique at the same time. Every time I feel like I progressed, the next day I realise I am using my old technique again.

I want to play clean but I have a hard time muting string noise - it seems like my wrist wants to flex, which moves my forearm backwards which moves my wrist behind the bridge, so I get string noise (it’s more like muted string noise from the string above the one I am playing). I cannot keep my palm or side of my hand on the strings, it wants to go in the air. I feel like I have to push my wrist on the strings to leave it there, but it doesn’t feel natural.

I think this the flaw in my technique but I do not know the way around it, and I want to make sure I don’t waste anymore time trying something that will not work out in the future. Basically I don’t want to experiment anymore, I wasted years and it’s not working. I was thinking the level would be for someone to point me in the right direction and follow up to make sure I am going on the right path.


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Why not post a critique video? If you are sold on th CTC theory, then what better place to get the info at source???

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I thought of it, and knew it would come up :slight_smile: so yeah I will probably do that at some point for sure for extra help, but I am also looking for something more focused at the moment, one on one lessons.

I should also add - I could be overthinking this too. In my mind these players, like Eric Johnson, perfectly mute unwanted noise. It could be that it’s not a 100% perfect thing but we just can’t hear undampened noise. Something like MAB does but just in bits here and there.

This is your guy.


There is definitely a lot that gets hidden in a mix, not to mention overdubs, ‘punching in’ and the splicing of multiple takes on all our favourite artist’s records, so don’t loose heart. Have you recorded yourself in a mix (backing track)? You might find that the little bit of noise here and there that you hear is not as audible as you think.

I like Ben Eller and Teemu for this — they are both great and know the mechanics inside and out. @BillHoudini is on the money with the Teemu suggestion.

In addition, yes, happy to review a technique critique clip if you’d like to post one. Before you do that, have you watched the new Pickslanting Primer chapters on wrist motion yet? If so, this checklist may be of use. We just put this up a moment ago and it may address some of your concerns about muting and getting all the parts in the right places:

Ben Eller isn’t giving lessons recently.

That is probably the case, and something I should be more relaxed about. Thanks!

I have watched the latest primer updates although very quickly. I will have to review it a few times for sure. Great content as usual.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I will try to post a video of my playing soon.

I really like that style of playing.

But he is sitting down and that changes everything about playing the guitar. The left hand can have room. That makes everything much easier.

I know what you mean, I’m the exact opposite, I play better while sitting down. Check him out playing live here, he’s the real deal.

I started lessons with John at Mile High Shred and they have been great. The main reason I chose him was because he understands what CTC is all about and in fact Troy has filmed his playing. He is very knowledgeable and patient and has made me a better guitar player all around. He will find flaws in your technique and provide exercises to address them. He has several lesson options as well.


Gambale explains the muting technique really well in Monster Licks + Speed Picking (Bar 196) https://www.soundslice.com/slices/g4bcc/

Mute Basics:

  • Muting is a combination of Left and Right hand pressure on the strings you don’t want to hear.

  • Only one string should vibrate in scale/arpeggio playing. All other strings are muted.

  • It requires accuracy of the pick in string changing, alternate rest stroke picking, as well as DPS and UPS economy (in this example). The same deal applies to 2WPS alternate

Skype lessons can be a great help in filling gaps in knowledge, accurate feedback on your technique, judging progress, keeping accountable to a teacher.

Dan Seriff is a really great instructor, especially for theory, fretboard knowledge, jazz, blues and rock. Very professional, teaches guitar at university (and online). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFKcLhPZcfo

I think Rick Graham also does Skype lessons (it is mentioned on his site). He knows the popular EJ material inside out since he did a lick library DVD about EJ songs.

He is an economy/legato picker primarily.