I Built a Magnet!

So I finally took the plunge, ordered the parts, and built myself a DIY Magnet. Overall, it wasn’t too hard to construct. I used the new technique involving the nylon rods, and other than giving myself a blister screwing the screws into the end of the rods, it wasn’t too hard.

I’m still figuring out the best way to wrangle the thing and my phone onto my guitars. I kind of wish I had a 3rd arm when juggling everything, but I’ll figure it out. I also wish the rubber padding was a bit more “grippy”, as it wants to slip a bit, especially on guitars without a lot of available surface area for mounting.

Now I want to put it to use, and record some videos of my attempt at emulating the USX motion, and try to cure what I fear has been a lifelong habit of string hopping. Hope to see you in the Technique Critique section soon!


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This is one of the reasons we think a mass-produced injection molded version might work better. The Shapeways material is grippy and you really have to brace both sides when you pull it open or you’ll pull it right off the guitar. A Magnet made of smoother plastic might slide better and be a single-handed operation to insert and remove the phone. Possibly!

Thanks for making this - happy to take a look at footage when you have it.

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Gotta try another Kickstarter!

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