I enjoy this guys video - Marcel Dufour

I find his fretting hand memorizeing and fun to follow. Playing so clean and you can follow it really good at 60fps.
No idea where to post this, just saw it n wanted to share :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool cool. Great guitarist and a great picker looks like a Marty Friedman style picking technique but I’m probably wrong :thinking:. I wonder if its tabbed anywhere, I guess not but I like the melodies and modes he using be interested to see.

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I think his right hand is more a Frank Gambale style.
His left to me seems so relaxed on the fretboard, and his fingers seem quite flat on the strings, opposed to more curved like most players.
He’s got some vids when Young shredding, so no doubt his fluid playing is from a lot of experience, I think that flat style using the underside of the fingers rather that just the tips comes about as you hand adapts to the guitar more over the decades. I have found myself using more and more of the finger rather than just the tips as I progress.

Edit: that was a relatively drunk assumption, Though I do think there is something to the flat fingering, lets you mute a lot better and is really economical

Interesting about the fingers you’re right he does have a very light touch I can’t say I’ve ever noticed that flat contact thing myself but I have had some big breaks in playing over 30 years so maybe I just never put the time in to develop it.

Seems like it could be a variation of harmonic minor also I see a couple of trademark yngwie phrases in there especially the 4s run down he does around the 2 minute mark. 626 views is poor I bet if he was skinny with long blond hair it would be a lot more I’m half joking :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Some great picking and index finger and middle finger tapping in this one this guys a legend !


Thats a pretty awesome composition, I didn’t see that one. The playing and camera work is so easy on the eyes, it’s great watching him shred.