I have a 1 string scale sequence challenge for you guys

Try to play the normal minor or harmonic minor scale sequenced in 4s on a single string, but instead of playing it in a 16ths groove play it in triplets/sextuplets style groove. So much more pleasing to hear it this way, but much harder to break your habit of a 16ths groove. Good luck!

Bonus challenge

Instead of starting on the root note of the sequence offset it with a different note. And by this I mean to start on a different finger than the index or pinky.

No cheating!

You can use a pencil to write it on paper, but dont use a program to sequence it to listen to it! Figure it out for yourself!

I like ‘parameter’ oriented thinking for this kind of thing.

For example I’d see the main parameters here as:

  • length of sequence (4 notes)
  • intervals and direction in the sequence (up a second, up a second, up a second, down a third, repeat)
  • offset/starting note (4 note pattern will have 4 possible starting notes)
  • rhythmic context (triplets)
  • scale used
  • division on fretboard (one string vs one position vs two strings vs 3nps, etc etc)

I like using randomizers to force myself to play and hear unfamiliar/awkward things. So for example you could take the principles and also do something like offset 3s phrased within 16th notes from lydian all in open position or something.

I’ve been playing around with patterns a lot…hah…

i had another one ive been thinking about. i think much more challenging.

the pattern 412421 but in quintuplets groove.


so in essence you would need to know how each of these sounds in quintuplet groove before trying to put it all together in a somewhat avg tempo across a scale sequence run in 5s. the run itself would still be the 6s patterns but in quintuplet groove.

Not to suck the fun out of it, but you can just use something like this

and map these out - it’s very easy to generate new ones and you’ll be forced to encounter things that are uncomfortable, some of which will probably sound pretty cool and new to you, and some of which will just sound silly and awkward.

here’s a limited set of patterns, rhythmic groups, and starting tones, and a ‘random draw’ function set in that will produce a new set every time you type a key in or hit refresh: