I’m moving to the US!

Specifically, to the Boston, MA area. :shamrock:

I was wondering if anyone has any tips in general for a newcomer, such as recommendations on any reliable luthiers, music shops, the music scene, etc.

Also, I’ve been wondering, how does the musician etiquette work when it comes to playing and practicing at home? Please consider that I come from a very quiet country in Europe :sweat_smile: and that has led me to practice exclusively with my headphones on. Is it normal to just use a small amp at home without disturbing the neighbors?

If there are any CTC members in the area, perhaps it’d be nice to hang out if possible.


I am in the area. Hit me up when you’re here!


this is a man with his priorities in order


I used to live in Boston. HIGHLY recommend Dave from Equilibrium guitars, his maintenance and repair operation is THE one for metal in particular in the Boston area.

You’d probably be fine with a small practice amp, just don’t be too loud or you might get noise complaints. Generally people don’t care so much if the volume is reasonable and it isn’t super early or late at night. If you played trumpet, I’d probably say something different.


Thank you for your replies, y’all! I’ve arrived yesterday and have piece of mind now that my guitar-related uncertainties have been cleared.

Now I can focus on the low priority stuff such as getting my social security number and finding an apartment. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Welcome to the USA. I hope you get to pursue all the dreams that brought you here.


I’m in Brighton which is pretty much just Boston. Depends on where you live and who you live around or above. Allston/Brighton area likely nobody is going to care if you use an amp to practice.

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Thank you, @rogerc ! I appreciate the good vibes.

Brighton is one of the neighborhoods I’ve been considering, @Fossegrim . It’s nice to know that it might be music-friendly at home levels.

Brighton is full of Berklee kids, so everyone’s used to musicians in that neighborhood.

Also, unfortunate update about EQ guitars: Dave suddenly passed away while on tour with Animals as Leaders, but as far as I know, his repair guy is still running things. But yeah, that happened.

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Oh lord, that’s very sad. RIP. :slightly_frowning_face:

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