I’m practicing my transcription skills - have any requests?


Uh…ok :smiley: Perhaps I won’t check it out after all :smiley:


this is the from the movie: The Mysterians.

here is a what I would like to have transcribed:

There is a brass rhythm which I don’t need; I already have this. but there is a flute flying over on top of it that sounds like a shredding solo. This is what i can’t seem to transcribe.

the “solo” though is kind of buried in the heavy rhythm though, so I found a YT video where the pitch seems downtuned but has a clearer presentation of the solo.

I appreciate you doing this. Even if you can’t, I thank you for the effort. good luck!


Oh man, first tommo and now you :dizzy_face: You guys come up with some wild passages :fearful:

I’ll see what I can do.

This is a very polite and basically perfect phrase :+1: Thanks for understanding and for your…[what word should I use here?] sense of humanism.

By the way, tommo expressed some kind words towards my last transcription so it gives me some confidence :blush:


@uglijimus I give up. I’m defeated :disappointed:
I worked on the flute part for few hours but it’s too difficult to hear it clearly and it gets too messy when I slow it down. (I tried both versions of the file)
I don’t have anything else to add. I’m tired. Also, my kitchen sink got clogged :sweat_smile:

I know you didn’t ask for the brass section but I did it for myself just because I loved it so much. I played along and it was awesome :metal: I’m not uploading it here because nobody asked for it but it’s in my tumblr.
By the way, you said that you already have the brass section down. Could you take a look at my transcription and let me know if it looks the same as what you got? I’m not too sure about some obscure eighth notes :thinking:


thanks for giving it a shot! For me, the timbre of the flute and the guitar are so different, even if you are playing the right notes, it somehow sounds like a different note making it really difficult. can you send me a link to your tumblr please?


That might be my problem as well :thinking: I don’t know, I got really confused. The notes that I got down didn’t make any sense.

Now I must get revenge on flute :rage: I’ll probably try to transpose some Jethro Tull flute passages or Dream Theater’s Octavarium intro flute melody.

It’s in my very first post in this thread :wink:


I don’t have any particular requests, but good for you for wanting to beef up your transcription skills! This is something I’ve worked on a lot and it’s been super helpful. You might see that I post some transcriptions from my soundslice channel here and there https://www.soundslice.com/users/JakeEstner/

Just wanted to say I HIGHLY recommend using soundslice for your transcriptions - if you’re already using guitar pro or something then it will just take you maybe 10-20 minutes to learn your way around and you can:

  1. dump youtube videos into the notation editor
  2. notate and check the video AND audio all the in the same window
  3. sync up your score with the video (as you see in all the other clips) so that you can make sure your rhythms are correct and it’s also just a nicer presentation.

and it’s really easy to use!


Thanks for the tip :+1: I will definitely look into it.

This transcribing business doesn’t go easy. I just transcribed Octavarium flute melody and I tried to do it without guitar. I wanted to get first note with some help and then to continue on only by my ears. Oh, how naive I am :roll_eyes: I failed miserably. Even on the intervals that I am very confident when doing ear training exercises.
If somebody else has any advice on ear training or transcribing, I will gladly accept it. Books, videos, YouTube channels, blogs…anything. I suck so much at this :disappointed:


I wouldn’t say so, you did a great job on the Thinking Machine lick! I think that we are just suggesting really hard stuff :smiley: (PS: there’s a couple more where that one came from if you want… but I’ll let you rest for a few days :wink: )


https://www.iwasdoingallright.com/tools/ear_training/online/ :slight_smile:


Yeah, Thinking Machine was complex. The same goes for The Mysterians OST. However, I couldn’t rely too much on my ears even when transcribing Octavarium flute melody which is pretty simple and easy to hear.
Anyway, thanks for encouragement :slight_smile:

Ok, drop something at some time. Even if you will bombard me mercilessly, I’ll take it at my own pace :wink:

@JakeEstner, thank you so much for the link! :+1: I just took a quick look at it but it seems to be an awesome and highly customizable tool for ear training. Many thanks! :star_struck:


Would you be up for some chordal arranging?

It’s a tune called Lullaby to myself by Matti Caspi. Here’s Gilad Hekselman playing it:

here’s the original:


you’re welcome! Don’t forget rhythmic ear training too, being sharper and sharper about hearing subdivisions. That can get tricky as well.


Well, I would be. However, I am really really terrible with chords. Heck, I even suck at single line melodies :point_up: So all chords infinitely confuse me. Sorry, I won’t even try it :sweat:
Ok, to be honest, it’s probably possible for me to transcribe that video from facebook just because I can see his hands. But still, I’d rather get better at single line stuff before I dive into chords.

True. Luckily, I am much more confident about rhythms than pitches. At least as long as we don’t consider Zappa stuff or something similar :sweat_smile:


So, here’s two more “presents” from me :grin: . Like with the Thinking Machine lick, I have worked on these a lot (but in a silly way, without a proper tool like transcriber or sound visualizer) - and eventually gave up and settled for an approximation that tries to hit roughly the correct target notes on the beat.

The first lick starts just after the pause at 2:10 of the Daydream solo, and goes on for a couple of seconds

The second is in another song called “Lifeforce”, it is a very long and fast lick that begins after the trill at 1:56, and finishes at about 2:02

Erhm, I am sort of feeling guilty dumping all this stuff on you, so feel free to take a long time and/or ignore :slight_smile:


tommo, you really don’t work on easy passages, do you? :smiley:

Don’t worry, my musical horizons widen because of these suggestions, so I should be thanking all of you who post suggestions :slight_smile: I’ll try to tackle one of these licks tomorrow. I already did my share of transcribing and suffering today.

By the way, does Vinnie tap? I suspect that some notes might be tapped in Daydream lick but I just listened to it casually so I might be wrong.


Good question! I haven’t seen him tap much in live footage, though he occasionally does the sweep arpeggio + tapping a note on the high E string. No idea what he does here to be honest :slight_smile:


Here’s the Daydream lick :slight_smile:

I think it’s mostly correct but again, I’m just learning. There may be some errors. I’ll check it once more later but I just wanted to put it up here now to get some closure :wink:

The notes sound mostly ok but I’m very unsure about the fingerings. I leave that to individual players and their habits. These tabs show the way I play it.

The last note is not in the recording. I put it there to make the lick more “complete”.


I really don’t know how to thank you!!

You should consider changing your username to Advanced attempt I think :smiley:

Looking forward to trying this when I get hone this evening! !


Your tabs are all great, you don’t look like you’re learning to me, you look like you’ve been doing this for a while.

Speaking of Vinnie Moore, what about his intro for The Wild One?

It’s a riff in E that goes to D then to A. It has a really cool solo after the main riff part.