I’m practicing my transcription skills - have any requests?


I planned to do this tomorrow but…I didn’t :sweat_smile:

Here’s the tab for Vinnie’s Lifeforce.
At first I thought that it’s in 4/4 but then I realized it’s probably in 12/8. Unfortunately, GuitarPro doesn’t have many tuplets, like for example quadruplets. I found at least one more problem with notating in 12/8 so I decided to squeeze it in 4/4. That decision resulted in some messy looking rows of dotted notes and a 9-tuplet.

Thanks for kind words. I honestly appreciate it :slight_smile:
Be assured, I spend way more time and effort than these transcriptions shoud require.
But I have admit that it felt easier today than it did before. I hope I am actually getting better at this :innocent:

Finally something I will be able to play!
I already mentioned that I am absolutely hopeless with chords but I guess these here will be only perfect fifths and fourths, and perhaps a perfect third or two. I think I’ll be able to get this down :sunglasses:

But before that, uglijimus sent me another version of the composition that he suggested previously and I wasn’t able to transcribe. So I’ll have to work on that first :wink:

That’s it for today. I’m totally tired and it’s late. I’m going to sleep.
(Yes, I realize how little the concept of “evening” means when the members are from all around the world)


Here it is :innocent:

I think it’s rather accurate. Some detail might have slipped through my ears but I feel happy about the result :slight_smile:
By the way, tempo marking is not entirely correct. I think the tempo in the record itself is not completely even. It seems that it shifts slightly. Perhaps I’m wrong.

There’s also some quirky lick that I like at 4:07 - 4:09. I think I’ll work on it later.

If sombeody wonders about that phrase, I do keep my promises (even thou this was not a promise). I already worked on it but I wanted some feedback from @uglijimus before sharing the tab. I feel extremely unsure and confused about that piece :disappointed:


After positive comments from @uglijimus and after quite a number of my own comparisons between the real recording and my tabs, I think I got this one mostly correctly. Or at least not grossly wrong.
This passage has kicked my ass previously and I gave up. Then I received few different versions and at least one of them had flute part clear enough for me to figure it out.

I’m waiting for more suggestions. In mean time, I’ll be transcribing whatever excites me :slight_smile:
(By the way, in this thread I only post the tabs requested by the members of this forum. I don’t pollute this place with all of my transcriptions.)


What about the riff to Highway Roller by Ryo Okumoto? Glenn Hughes on vocals and Steve Lukather on guitar IIRC.


You have some great suggestions! :+1:

I’ll try to do this without relying on guitar at all (except for the first note). It sounds simple enough to attempt that. Also, it is my ultimate goal to transcribe without an instrument so it is basically a perfect suggestion :innocent:

I’ll have to delay this project until Monday or so because of Easter festivities :wink:


Well, good luck my friend! I couldn’t do it without a guitar. My transcription skills are terrible and I’m very impatient, I normally pay someone to transcribe songs for me that I can’t find tab for anywhere else :stuck_out_tongue:
Enjoy your Easter.

Also, thanks for the UFO / Vinnie Moore tab. I have only just got a chance to play it and it sounds spot on to me!

Best wishes.


With pleasure :slight_smile:

The notes in parentheses are…well, I can kind of hear them but they aren’t as loud. You can play them or ignore them. It sounds good anyway :wink: I guess these are just an artefact of raw playing. It’s metal after all :metal:
At first I thought that this riff changes a bit but I got convinced that it stays the same. The bass part changes. (Let me know if you think I am wrong :wink: )

Honestly, if you are satisfied with the quality of my attempts, you can exploit and abuse me as much as you want :blush: Of course, I work on my own pace and I can’t guarantee any deadlines or whatever. Also, as stated in my first post here, I don’t intend to ask for money (or some other favors). I do this just to improve my ear but the suggestions from different people make me work on much wider spectrum of music, which is great :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’m really glad to hear it :blush:


Thanks again, sounds spot on. I love this riff!


What’s up @Hanky_Pooh ? :thinking: Have you changed your mind? :smiley:

It’s cool. If you wrote a criticism, I’d be glad to hear it. And if it was a musical suggestion for transcribing, I’d gladly try it out :wink:


Yeah, I am working on a Beethoven sonata but I have already figured out most of the violin parts by ear. I changed my mind because it will do my ear and sight reading good to do it myself. The old fashioned way. I realized it wouldn’t be as rewarding to me if I don’t do it myself.

Can you transcribe anything? Sorry I bailed on ya.


That’s why I transcribe :slight_smile:

Well, I’m sure there are limits to my abilities.
Anyway, even if there’s something that I can’t transcribe, I surely can try :slight_smile:

No problem at all. I was just wondering what you wrote before :wink:


I still cannot play those crazy Vinnie licks you transcribed, I should be careful with what I wish for :sweat_smile:


What about Dann Huff’s opening lick to Time To Burn? I’ve never seen this one done right…


I’ll try to tackle it today :wink:
Hey, that’s an awesome song! :metal: That’s what I needed to lift up my current mood. Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh, the pressure :scream:

:smiley: I don’t even attempt to play them.
Do you think these transciptions at least sound similar to what is actually being played? :roll_eyes:


So…on one hand this lick was rather easy. On the other hand, I basically failed and gave up :exploding_head:
Let me explain myself: I think that the notes/tones are correct. They sound agreeable when I play along at slower speeds. The fingering I used is mostly ok but with one strange shift. Perhaps there is better way to play it :thinking:

But everything that is related to timing could be really off. I’m trying to defend myself with the guess that the lick is played in free time and exact note values aren’t important here :blush:
First of all, tempo. This lick doesn’t seem to share the tempo with the rest of the song (which is around 124 bpm). I tried to play notes as sixteenths and then as triplets at 124bpm but none worked. It could be the case of some really awkward tuplet but I doubt it because this lick has very clear accents. To me it sounded most likely like triplets/sextuplets (I should find out if there’s a difference between triplets and sixtuplets) so I notated it as such.

Then there are the actual rhythms of the notes. At slower tempo, I could hear all kinds of note value variantions but I suspect that these were not intentional. Otherwise, the transcription would probably look similar to the famous pages Steve Vai did for Frank Zappa :exploding_head: So I notated it all as even notes. The basic gist when performing this is to play the first note of the legato phrase a bit longer :wink:

Time signature might also be wrong. Basically, everything related to time might be wrong in my transcription :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I’m just going to assume free time and not get into the weeds. It is so much easier to read it like this than a super accurate transcription which would be basically unplayable.

Sorry if I let you down with this attempt but I think this kind of “not entirely accurate” notation looks the best.

Anyway, thanks for this suggestion :+1:
I really liked the song and I’ll definitely listen to something else from Giant.


That is amazing! Thank you so much.

If you want a great Giant song check out “Stay”. Dan Huff plays a great Jeff Beck inspired solo.

You should make an instagram and put your transcriptions on there, @Medium_Attempt, cos they are good!


@aliendough, first of all, thanks for the encouraging comments :slight_smile: Much appreciated :blush:

I’ve been thinking about your suggestion regarding Instagram.

I already have an account created on this name and I irregularly upload some mundane pictures of the things that catch my eye. But perhaps you are right. I probably should repurpose my Instagram and move these photos somewhere else. I suspect more people use it than tumblr, which increases chances of receiving some cool suggestions :slight_smile:

[…some more time spent on pondering…]
Yeah, I’ll do it :sunglasses:
First of all, I’ll upload all the transcriptions I’ve done up to now.

If anybody is interested, you’ll find my transcriptions at my Instagram account. And of course, in this thread I’ll keep on posting tabs for the suggestions from the members of this forum.

Edit: :thinking: now I’m not sure if it is convenient to play from the tabs that are on Instagram. Would anybody care to share opinions on that? Perhaps I should try some other social media platform? Any suggestions?


Really like the transcriptions so far and I’ve got one for you to try. It’s Daniele Gottardo’s arrangement of Radiohead’s Paranoid Android (there’s a play thru on YouTube) it’s got a fair bit of 2 hand chordal tapping so might prove challenging. Best of luck :+1:


Thanks a lot :innocent:

Oh, it’s beautiful :heart_eyes: I haven’t heard of Daniele Gottardo before.
However, I will have to decline. I’m extremely inadequate with hearing multiple sounds at once. Perhaps I’ll try to tackle this one some time in the future but right now any chordal playing would send me straight to the Arkham Asylum :wink:

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion :+1: If you have some singe line passages in mind, I would gladly try them instead :wink:


@aliendough, here’s what I found:

This clearly shows that I got the fingerings wrong. Luckily, I don’t take much responsibility for that aspect of transcriptions :innocent:

Anyway, here is the corrected version. Not surprisingly, it is easier to play it this way than what I notated before.

Edit: I’ve left a mistake. Fixed it. Now I’m somewhat confident that it’s correct :sunglasses:

Edit2: I feel dumb now. And frustrated. There was no mistake after all. The tab I posted right now is what he shows in the video clip. However, when listening to the recorded version of the song, I can hear note D in the last bar as a second note. In the video he plays C#. So…it’s up to you. It won’t be audible anyway to choose whatever is more comfortable to you :smiley:
Perhaps C# was intended just because it follows the same finger pattern which he talks about but maybe he slipped when recording and didn’t hear it. Or perhaps my ears overheated and now I hear all kinds of ghosts and unicorns :face_with_thermometer: