I may have discovered Troy's true identity :-D

I was always amazed at Troy’s ability to quickly and perfectly assimilate the techniques of his guests. This is certainly an amazing talent in itself. But then it made me suspicious… anybody remember this guy?


I think you are mistaken. Definitely of the Borg

I wonder how much effort and time does @Troy put into learning new picking approaches. I mean what we see on YouTube is kind of "oh cool, he figured out DWPS. […] Oh, now he can do UWPS as well. […] Huh? He can change those in the middle of the phrase?! […] What?! He can also implement crosspicking? :astonished: Why do I suck so much?"
We get to see the end product but no real timeline and hurdles that would allow us to compare ourselves to him. (Why would one compare oneself to Troy? Well, because he is likely the first guitar player who has learned these things consciously. A great case study. {Among few other reasons})
I’m not sure if he would be willing to share this and I’ll totally understand if he won’t answer to this request.

Anyway, Mortal Kombat is awesome! Brutal and erotic. There’s not much more I need in my life :sunglasses: