I transcribed a crazy Rick Graham/Marshall Harrison lick


Marshall Harrison lick covered by Rick Graham, soundslice format:

Neat little cycle. He gradually increases the tempo so it was hard to really clock it but I think at the end it’s 16ths around 200 or 210.

Let me know what you think or if you try it.

Some easy tips for presenting TAB/notation in the forum, and a template to share

Excellent work! Two monsterous players at once!! I wanted to learn this one. I’ll have a go at this tomorrow!


let me know how it goes!


Post a vid if you can.

I’m gonna have a go at weekend- this cold weather and subsequently having the heat on more is making my truss rod go crazy so that needs sorted first.

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I’m impressed with your transcribing skills.

Amazing skills by R. Graham. From what I can see, this is a purely ‘non-escaped’ sequence correct? Meaning the pick never needs to escape the strings throughout the whole sequence.


Thanks! And, exactly. I think a lot of Graham’s warp speed stuff falls into that category.


im not being a smarta#s or anything…but isnt this the same as saying its all economy picked? Im trying to keep up on all of the semantics and nomenclature


Economy picking just means you sweep whenever you can.

But purely non-escaped means that not only are you economy picking, but your also carefully phrasing your notes so that you will always be sweeping from note-to-note no matter what. Very few phrases can be played like this.

So one is kind-of a subset of another.

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