Ian Thornley - Lickety Snippets


Have to steal a few things from here, that’s triad thing was amazing.


Tremendous player, and his solo stuff under his last name is just legitimately well written rock music even aside from the great guitar playing.

But, goddamn it, what I wouldn’t pay for a copy of his solo music that wasn’t absolutely brickwalled to death and back. The masters are just damned near unlistenable. :rofl:


Snagged so many licks from this video over the past few years :poop: love his slide playing more than anything honestly as a slide player myself - some really creative phrasing and he brings his signature shreddiness into it seamlessly.

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What a monster player.

His 3NPS licks really aren’t that fast, but they’re still awesome. Great flow and clarity to them. You really don’t need to play that fast to be impressive (if that’s what you were going for), but it has to be clean and flow. This video is proof I should incorporate hybrid picking into my playing because it’s just so damn useful to be able to pull out that tool

God damn the entire Big Wreck catalog from start to finish is incredible. Love it so much.

I love Ian Thornley! Both his solo work and Big Wreck are fantastic. Such a unique player, never tried to learn his songs, he’s too intimidating :rofl: