Ibanez PIA vs JEM

This is a long shot but is there anyone here that owns both an Ibanez JEM and Ibanez PIA or has spent considerable time playing both?

How different does the PIA feel to a JEM?

The PIA looks like a more rounded body. Is that the only real difference besides the different pickups and grip design?

I used to own a JEM JR that I let go as the budget non edge Ibanez bridge left much to be desired. I really liked the slightly chunkier Vai spec neck though compared to the ultra thin one on my Ibanez RG which can be hand tiring after long amounts of playing. Esepcially on the lower frets

These were the best pics I could find of the two.

I own neither but in Vai’s YouTube channel, he has a video where he talks about the Pia and compares it to the Jem.


From what I remember after playing a JEM a PIA and an RG the PIA had a bit of a fatter fuzzier tone that I personally didn’t like as much as the JEM. obviously this is because the pickups are different.