Ibanez RG550 is Back!


They look to be priced at about $999 USD (does not include a case).
Original Edge Trem. Ibanez V series pickups.



I love a matching headstock. Mmmm.



Yeah, but in the post-Fukushima era, are Japanese guitars significantly more radioactive than they used to be? Only half kidding here.


So that’s how they make those luminescent side dots…


That’s funny, I used to wonder if my '92 Paul Gilbert model had any radiation in the wood. Because the paint was turning cream. All of the guitars are post Hiroshima/Nagasaki. And they say Chernobyl is still radioactive… :thinking:



preciosas las Ibanez, I love them¡¡:slight_smile:


Bought an Ibanez RG 30 th anniversary premium last year… awesome guitar. …


I grabbed one of the '13 Japan-market Genesis Series 550s in Road Flare Red a couple years ago from Ishibashi back when the dollar had gotten really strong against the yen for next to nothing, mostly just because I always wanted a 550 in that color, and when it showed up it proved to be an unexpectedly awesome guitar. If these are as good, then that’s a LOT of guitar for your money.

In fact, I finally got around to buying bright green pickups for it, that should be arriving tomorrow. :smiley:


I’d love to have one, but I can’t abide by the 25.5 inch scale. It doesn’t suit me. They should offer a black option, too.


Cool, you gotta love that yellow! I still have an MIJ RG570 EX in silver (circa 2001 I think). I should really sell it as it rarely gets played anymore. How much do they go for secondhand these days?


I’ve got a 560 from the early 90’s. Haven’t touched it in years. Strange thing is the 560’s are HSS with no pick guard, otherwise exactly the same as the 550. Wonder why the pick guard was left off?