I'm jax and I'm obsessed with guitar and music. Hear to learn and improve my skills as both musician and guitarist

Hi I’m jax, I’ve played guitar for 10 years. I very much like almost all music but mostly into anything guitar. I want to improve my technique and musical skills on the guitar and other instruments. I’m trying to play consistently and practice longer hours without injuring myself. I took some lessons when I was younger and take some every now and then but self taught. I watched troy grady stuff for a while mostly marshall harrison or frank gambale. Supposedly I can play at 256 speed but hearing it cause im slowing my playing down I’m probably using my metronome wrong. Hand sync and relaxation are my main problems for now

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Hey, and welcome!

Seems you’ve been a member of the forums for a while, but have a welcome post anyway :smiley:

Also, if you have a subscription, you might want to use the Technique Critique section, it’s a great way to receive personalised feedback.

Best of luck!