I'm new .. and have a question (1nps)

Hi I’m new here … and wanted to say “Hello”!

Having watched a handful of Cracking videos over the X-Mas break, I’m totally overwhelmed now … in many ways.
I bet this has been ask several times here, so bear with me, please.
I tried this little pattern below, to get used to the mechanics of DWPS, with a sweep to the string below, etc… But I came to a hurdle, which I cannot seem to surpass atm, by following the rules.
Changing strings on upstrokes.
How to make this happen here (to yellow marked note, G7 -> D9)?
Can anyone help me out here, please?

Much appreciated and thank you!

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Two appproaches, really, and I’d suggest the second.

  1. Use some sort of a 2-way technique to hit that note with an escaped downstoke.
  2. You don’t. Rearrange the pattern to flow better with escaped upstrokes and sweeps to higher strings. Try this:

  d u d  d u d  d u d  u d u  d  u d  d u d  d u d 


Doing this without a guitar and I’m more of an escaped downstrokes guy anyway, but try rearranging the pattern.

Also, this IS sort of a weird pattern - you start off with a 5-note ascending grouping and then move into a series of four-note ascents. Might be easier to play it as fours throughout? Or as an alternate problem solving approach, there’s I suppose no reason you couldn’t mix in a five-note grouping whenever the 4s would pose problems from a swept downstroke/escaped upstroke context, though the result would probably have a really odd shifting quality - might be cool, might not be.

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You come in as 9, 10, 7, [9] (last is box).

What about

  • downstroke for the 9 (resting on next string)
  • hammer on for the 10 and go behind the string in parallel
  • upstroke for the 7
  • downstroke for the [9]


One thing to keep in mind for any technique other than double-escape is that 1nps will break alternate picking, and HO/PO or sweeps are the frequent escape hatches.

Thanks Drew and kgk, for these suggestions!
Now I have too try, what works for me.
Much appreciated and a happy 2020.