I'm new to guitar, tell me what i'm doing wrong w picking hand?


I know I’m supposed to angle the pick downward, but I find so much resistance that way it seems impossible. For some reason it seems a little easier angled slightly upward, but obviously it’s pretty atrocious. Is it my wrist? I’m new, don’t be too harsh

Edit: better angle down below

It may help if you get us camera shots from a different angle, one looking down the neck at your hand. That will help us pin point some of the problem areas. I would also in the meantime urge you to read through motion primers Troy has posted over the years.

One thing too, since you are new to guitar, what are both your short term and long term goals with it? It’s good to get the rundown of what these are so it gives an idea of where to focus.

I was afraid of that, yeah. I don’t have one of those phone clip things. But yeah I get it. I’ve watched a few. Impatience might be one of the bigger problems. I only just two days ago changed the way I hold my pick to the “proper” way because I realized I couldn’t make precise movements holding it with three fingers.

Short term goals? To be able to move beyond basic strumming and pick notes with more precision/speed. Long term goals, to be able to play solos off siamese dream and badmotorfinger. lol. idk. so.

You don’t need a clip, you just need to have a table or something you can stand your phone on, or even something you can tape it on to. It can be pretty low tech.

Those sound like pretty reasonable goals.

Your using an upward pick slant, which implies DSX, which is totally fine! but in doing so it’s more conducive to string changes after down strokes.

If for right now you are just trying to arpeggiate chords. Trying to establish a picking pattern that works with a DSX motion is in order.


Welcome @throwaway95 !

I can’t see your videos anymore, but I’ll comment on this:

We’ve evolved a bit in our understanding, and this is not really necessary especially if it feels uncomfortable.

Our best advice for getting started with “fast picking” is to do some experimentation with “tremolo picking”: i.e. grab a single note on a single string and repeat it as fast as you can with alternate picking. Try different ways of holding the pick and placing your hand on the guitar, until you find something reasonably comfortable.

Then, show us what it looks like on video and we’ll take it from there :slight_smile:

PS: here is a video showing exactly what I mean: