Impellitteri - 17th Century Chicken Picking

Hi guys!

I’ve been working for some (limited) time on “my version” of this great tune.
Here you can find the first bars of the song, hope you enjoy it and any comments please do let me know!



Sounds killer! and looks bloody hard to play! I’m not familiar with this tune, I’ll have to look this up.

Great job though, you make it look effortless

Chris Impellitteri is one among the shredders of the '90s, I guess in terms of raw speed at Rusty Cooley levels :grinning:
I remember seeing his instructional video what might be some 20-25 years back (gasp) - Can’t remember much also because Troy’s powerful analysis framework was yet to come and I would not have been able to decypher anything of what I was seeing.
I only remember one detail: he would do the classic 1 note per string arpeggios alternating on the way up on the fretboard. Very peculiar!
I’ve been thinking to give this piece a try for a long time, there is much more to it than the first few bars of course, but I’m happy it renders the way it does, although I’m sure that if I slowed the recording down, I would not be bang on the click, because this tempo too fast for my level on this piece.
That was a first try on camera, I was actually checking the sound levels between backing track and guitar, but since it came out decently, I just decided to post it.
I’m also 100% sure this is not how Impellitteri plays it, if you check YT there’s a few very good covers of this and you’ll see everybody tends to use straight alternate as a base, with the occasional finger for the string skips and of course some sweep in the obvious descending arpeggios.
I’ve decided, instead, to sprinkle in some Yngwie economy/sweep 3NPS runs in the first descending parts. I find it does not reduce the impact/texture of the classic alternate approach, and it gives a little bit of a refreshing pause in the midst of a lot of pure alternate which tends to add tension over longer, sustained runs.


I’ll have to check him out, I’m not familiar with him. The way you are playing it sounds amazing to me though :love_you_gesture:

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Well done, squeaky clean! This song is hard as hell

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Very cool! Awesome job man! Yeah, Chris alternate picked those arpeggios, and I couldn’t help but think “Ugh that sounds terrible” hahah So I didn’t pursue it. But now fast forward many, many years later and that’s pretty much exactly what I am working on.

Again, great job, man!