Improvising for broken string?


Now, I’ve been doing this for a while and I don’t know if anyone else does. Kind of curious to know. Often I’ll break a string quite often it’s the high E string. And I’m a poor man lol. I can’t afford too many brand new sets. So if I only have one brand new set left and the set I already have on isn’t that old, I will take either an old high E string I got or I’ll take a string close to it. I’ll use my situation now for an example. Right now I have tens on my arz. I have only one brand new set of 9.5. Was kind of saving them for something else. I am out of old 10 gauge High e strings. Hell I’m out of all my hi e Strings LOL. All old ones and new ones for 9, 9.5, and 10. so what I’ve been doing is I know that the next string up is a 13 so I will take a b string from a 9 gauge set which I think is 11 gauge and use it as my high e. Now I know these numbers aren’t exact measurements in gauge, but hopefully you understand what I mean LOL. It’s just a little bit easier for me to say right now . and faster cuz I’m standing in the cold LOL. so out of curiosity, anybody else do this or something close to it???



Yeah, I have done that in the past. As long as it’s tuned correctly, no problems.

However, it does feel odd under the fingers.


Breaking the high e often might mean you have a sharp edge somewhere touching it, maybe somewhere on the saddle/bridge or toplock if you have that.

Where does it break usually, always in the same place?


I used to suffer from lots of broken high E:s as well. They always broke at the bridge saddle. Since I never trimmed the excess string at the tuner I would simply rewind the broken end around the ball to get a “new” slightly shorter string. This would typically work once or twice before having to buy a new one.

(As mentioned by @Roverton, I later found out that I hade a problem with the saddle that made the strings brake there. That, and my ridiculously exaggerated attack…)


Awesome guys!! Thanks!! Kinda like troy grady’s poles for basic knowledge, only more or less for me and my conscience Lol. I have no real musician friends to ask except on here. This reply is basically for all 3 of ya’s cause i don’t know any other way doing it LOL. Well, i had those same sneaking suspicions of the saddle and whatnot. I think only once I had a burr in the saddle and rusted spot. the same string the same saddle for both rust and burr. the rest of the High e strings I broke out of idiocy. For example trying to tune with a drop pedal and forgetting or not knowing it was turned on. 2 times something like that had happened and I broke Strings. but I like that idea with the ball end of the string. Next time I’m break at the Saddle I might try that. Thanks again guys!! U know what? I gotta real quick question for u guys. Off subject tho. Is there a way to plug a looper pedal into an amp, or does it have to b a specific kind of amp, or just a particular kind of looper pedal, i would need to get the looper to loop a clean sound first, and then i go back over with a high gain dub without it distorting the orignal clean loop as well. I hope i worded that all right to where it makes sense. I guess something like metallica’s “fade to black” is what I’m kinda going for. But the amp distorts the clean loop when i try to dub over with high gain. My first looper pedal :joy:. Or is it even possible LOL. Never had one before, don’t know LOL