In search of a specific string tracking +wrist video

Maybe I dreamed it, but I swear a few weeks ago I came across a video (or maybe just written piece here) that @Troy did demonstrating string tracking entirely from the wrist, or maybe mostly from the wrist, and vaguely recall the title as something like “myths about string tracking.” But I haven’t been able to find it.

Anybody know what I’m talking about, and if so, could you link me? Did I dream this? Am I having dreams about string tracking?

Hey Jake,

I think I remember what you’re talking about


Video on tracking:

Video talking about center point of wrist motion (5:00 if url timestamp doesn’t work):

For what it’s worth I use this for tracking so if you need a video I can do that

Ah, the tracking mystery, that’s it! Thanks so much!

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Just an FYI, that chapter is about using wrist flex / forearm motion to move across the strings, so you don’t have to slide the whole arm around. Kind of like what Gypsy players do. It really only works with playing styles that have a certain amount of wrist flex. So for an Andy Wood or Di Meola picking style, for example, that method doesn’t work.

It wasn’t really intended to be a tutorial on “tracking”, per se, just an explanation of what I’m doing when I use that picking motion specifically.