Inside, outside, and range of motion (size of arc?)

I’d be shocked if this hasn’t been asked before, but wasn’t sure best keywords to find

Say we’re going back and forth between two adjacent strings with a real purdy Cracking-The-Code-Approved DBX motion.

Is there any reason that outside picking would have to create a bigger or smaller arc/range of motion compared to inside?

Obviously individual idiosyncrasies would play a big role here, so I guess I’m wondering about the physics of the scenario, er, the comparison between the physics of the two scenarios.

I think @tommo commented on this somewhere…

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I don’t know! Only vaguely related topic off top of head —> I recall this older ideo by Troy where he plays the PG lick backwards, and you see that outside picking looks the same as inside. However, one thing I should point out is that all the velocities are reversed, so I am not convinced they are fully equivalent :slight_smile: (go to approx 6:25)

I’m equally baffled by this. I have a lick that I can reverse, I’ll be doing the outside-picking version at a tempo where things are going okay but it really requires focus. If I flip it around to inside picking it’s effortless, I have no idea why.