Introduce Myself Right On

  • How many years have you been playing? (30)
  • What musical genres are you interested in? (metal, punk, indie, country)
  • Particular things you’re excited to learn / talk about here? (improving comfort and speed - I’m not fast and most of the time I just accept it but right now it’s bugging me)

How have you gone about learning guitar so far?

  • mostly self taught. Took classical guitar for a year and learned music theory in college
  • Have you spent much time on technique before finding our stuff? (YES)
  • What Cracking the Code material have you watched? (just the free stuff so far)
  • Can you comfortably play a scale? At roughly what speed? (yes, Major scale 16ths @ 114 is about my max)
  • Any particular things you find yourself stuck on? getting Sails of Charon up to Uli speed

Hey, welcome and thanks for signing up! Hope you’re enjoying the site so far. Let us know if there’s anything we can help with as you dig into the material.

Hopefully the Primer will be helpful for getting at least one picking motion working at faster speeds. Any feedback or remaining questions as you go through it, feel free to post here any time and we’ll definitely see if we can help!