Introducing myyself -- I'm Carolyn

Hello Everyone,

I’m a rank newbie, only been playing a few months.
My gear I’m Left handed and play a lefty guitars SX Strat, Luna Acoustic, Fender Champion 20 Amp.
Actually, I did play guitar as a youngster but life got in the way and I had to give it up.
I like Blues and Rock.
I’m trying to avoid picking up too many bad habits. I found I’m really struggling with my pick getting stopped by the strings, so I’m on the second round of pick slanting and practicing. DPS and more angle on the pick seems to be helping.
As far as learning; I’ve used chord books, YouTube and now Justing guitar to learn to play. I just found a Teacher who is also a working musician. We are bartering for the lessons.
It’s all technique for me right now :slightly_smiling_face:
I can play the minor pentatonic scale at about 65 BPM (I know slow like Molasses in January), but I don’t make many mistakes.
So far my trouble spots are getting the pick trapped in the strings particularly the B on scale ascending. I’d like to play faster and accurately, I know it takes practice and time and I’m putting that in.
I’m really happy to have found this site. The videos are very informative and entertaining. I’ve had a lot of wow moments so far.

Thanks Team CTC


Thanks for signing up!

As one of the early steps I would just take a look at what picking motion you’re using and try to get a sense of whether the motion itself is reasonably smooth. For me this works best at medium speeds or better. When you go too slow, like under 100bpm sixteenth notes, it almost feels like taking one footstep, then waiting, then taking another one. Instead, when you’re walking, the movements just flow together and it feels more like doing continuous motion. In fact it’s actually hard to do some of these motions really slowly without completely stopping in between notes.

If you get stuck, link to a YouTube clip and we’d be happy to take a look!


Hi, Carolyn. Welcome.

Justin Guitar videos are really good. He plays well, sounds good, and doesn’t waste time with baloney.

Hey – know who else is lefty? Michael Angelo Batio!

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Welcome to the forum from a fellow southpaw.
There is plenty of great stuff here for you.

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Welcome @Colourful!

You’re in good company regarding the lefty playing as righty:

I love the little quotes from Steve Morse that are VERY CtC related!