Introduction to Me

Hey guys…

Fairly simple history here, no big brags…

Been playing(or attempting to ) learn guitar for just short of 7 yrs…
Suffered failure, suffered frustration but have also experience success
have a good understanding of the fret board by way of patterns and the CAGED system
can actually play at speeds of over 200 bpms but with a catch, just chromatic scales, not real time

not a metal head, but my need to be fast, concise and clean is as real as and quite frankly I have been disappointed in the approaches I have learned

so here I am ready to figure the last equation out …

quite frankly between Troy’s YT vids and the EJ lessons I have made gain already in understanding the road blocks in the alternate and economy picking techniques I have learned.

As a matter of fact on the EJ lesson, think it was the mechanics of 5, I figured out that one would have to sweep on the turn around before Troy discussed that very fact/

But please do not misunderstand me, many mile to go till I get the clean speed I need in order to fully express myself in the genre I want to, the Blues

Thanks for the time needed to read this]
Peace … Out n Roc On
Johnny G


Welcome, Johnny! Thanks for signing up and hope you’re enjoying the site so far. Have you checked out the Pickslanting Primer yet? We have some good stuff in there on things like grip and picking motions that may be helpful in addition to the EJ-specific material. Please let us know if there’s anything we can help with, or give feedback on, as you go through the lessons!