Involuntary pinky movement

When I play the 6 note Ym pattern on one string my first finger jumps in the air involuntarily as I lift my pinky after the forth note. I noticed that Ym and Troy don’t do this , the first finger is planted firmly on the fretboard throughout the whole lick.
Is this a bad habit that I should try and stop doing? Do others do it?

Hmm, interesting. Never thought about it…

Okay, I’ve just tried to play the lick and I also have my index finger planted. Though when playing scale-like phrases I definitely lift my index finger as soon as I don’t need it to press the fret.

I dont know if it’s a mental thing as it jumps up as my pinky is raised. I didnt think they shared tendons or muscles ( I just thought that the pinky and ring finger did).
I have tried to not raise it but it feels awkward. Not even sure if it’s a bad thing and worth trying to change it.

I guess if it doesn’t hinder you from fast playing there’s no reason to worry.
Though I would try to learn both ways just for the sake of experiment.

By the way I’ve just noticed that you lift your index finger when you raise your pinky, not when you put it down. Hmm, that’s strange and unusual for me. I ussually lift it when my pinky goes down in that kind of runs (3 nps ascending), so there are always two neighbour fingers on the fretboard.

Except I do! It’s not firmly planted on the neck all the time. This is more obvious when I look down. You can’t really see it from the camera placed several feet in front of me. The index doesn’t always completely lift up, sometimes it just lifts a little but the pad still contacts the string. But it’s definitely not firmly fretting the note all the time.

So in other words, unless this is causing a problem, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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