Is Motley Crue's Autobiography "The Dirt" Ever Going To Be A Movie?

The Motley Crue autobiography “The Dirt” is one of the most legendary rock autobiographies ever written. The story of Motley Crue is truly amazing and very exciting whether you like their music or not. The stories of living in poverty but already having tons of groupies and wild parties at their run down house in Hollywood and trying to become the biggest band in Hollywood by always adding new ideas to their stage show such as Nikki Sixx lighting his thigh high boots on fire during shows, are barely believable. They truly lived life on the edge and this amazing book chronicles the ups and downs the members of the band experienced.

Have you heard anything about this book being turned into a movie? It seems every few years I hear a rumor that they’re going to finally make the movie. What do you think? Will “The Dirt” ever be made into a movie? if so, who would you cast to play Vince, Nikki, Tommy and Mick?

I saw this the other day.

“Game Of Thrones star Iwan Rheon has been cast in the upcoming Motley Crue film, The Dirt. Douglas Booth and Machine Gun Kelly have already been confirmed to appear in the movie, which is being produced by Netflix. They will play Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee, respectively.”

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There’s a part of me that was hoping Motley Crue’s story would be re-imagined as a slapstick comedy about an all-female rock band led by Melissa McCarthy.