Is my DSX correct?

Hello, Hope you’re doing all well.
Before asking anything I’d to thank Troy and the CTC team for being such an eye opener. Your work is helping me in a massive way !

I’m mostly a natural DSX player. I fought a lot against myself to play the EJ-Malmsteen-downward pickslanting way cause I thought it was the right way to play (lol), but I just Can’t, it’s almost physical.
After watching your videos about MAB-Al Di-strunz and farah I talked to myself “wut … i feel that my right hand has naturally this kind of motion, need to go this way”

My dream is to play the alternate picking part from Mabel Fatal Fable of Jason Becker. I’m struggling with the first phrase and I’m modestly asking for your wise advises. Am I doing it correct ?

(my GF took a video of my picking)

Thank you very much


Are you doing DSX correctly, or are you asking for feedback on a particular Becker piece?

The motion looks good I think! I’m sure people will ask you to play a single note as fast as you can to see where your speed it at with the motion.

Hello, for the motion, I use the Becker piece as example here for 3NPS classic.
For the one string tremolo, I can burst to 220 BPM 16th. And I can maintain it at 160/170 BPM for 30 sec.
I’d need feedback on the string changes, am I doing it correctly ?

thank you very much for your time mate ! : )

I mean, the string changes sound good and don’t look inefficient to me, and you’re doing it pretty spot on every time and clean sounding. Assuming this is the tempo you’re aiming for, I think you’re fine!

Thank you very much for your answer ! : )
One more question. At which speed can we consider that our motion is correct.
Let me explain :
If I can run a phrase (3NPS for instance) one time, and only one at 200BPM (16th), and it gets sloppy if I try to repeat it. Can I consider it correct ? Or does it need to be efficiently repeated at high speed for that ?

Thank you ! : )

I think your motion can be correct but the endurance just not be good. I think it’s more likely, based on my experience, that once you achieve a speed, you can build endurance at that speed (as opposed to having a slower motion with great endurance that can’t seem to speed up).

DSX looks good to me.

But the obvious comment to make is… you are not playing DSX lick! You are playing “mixed escapes” licks - are you aware of this, and was that the intended thing to critique? Just checking what you actually need before moving forward :slight_smile:

and @Pepepicks66’s advice is solid as usual :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your advises, i sometimes feel that the lack of endurance is caused by a bad technique.

Yes it’s a mixed escape lick, I try to keep DSX while I Can. When I play fast (160/170 bpm 16th) I Can Do it for some measures but it doesnt feel pleasant for my right hand.

When you play very fast what exactly are you feeling in your right hand ?

It depends on the pattern and on the technique used!

But the golden rule is, when you are doing a technique correctly it should feel easy!

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When I play pure DSX phrases, it feels easy even at high speed, but for mixed escape like this it’s a bit more rude :grin:

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