Is my trem picking even adequate?

I’m going back to the basics. Here’s trem picking 16th notes at 132BPM. I can’t get them clean at 170BPM yet. Is this form okay or should I work on changing it? Are there any noticeable errors in my attack? At certain points I try to do bursts of speed which are sloppy but show the potential of the mechanism.

First video is full speed, second video is 50% speed. Muchas gracias.

I think 132 bpm is too slow to determine whether you have a smooth efficient motion as string hopping can still occur at that speed and be somewhat playable. The inclusion of bursts may also not be helpful - although it will more likely be at a tempo that will prove that a motion is smooth and efficient, the burst is too short to really assess. You may also be doing slightly different motion mechanics switching between the two speeds,even if it feels the same. My suggestion would be to bump up the metronone to around 150 bpm and tremolo at that speed with no bursts. If you struggle to play that then more experimentation is with hand/arm position and motion mechanics to find a better solution.

There were a few twitchy flub notes, but I wouldn’t worry about the odd bit of slop- that will get ironed out later.

Let us know how you get on!

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Thanks, I’ll get to practicing and upload a 150+ bpm video in a day or so.