Is pronation the only DSX option for angle pad grip/extended fingers?

Or is it possible to keep the arm lightly supinated a la Andy Wood, etc? Upon watching the pickslanting primer, I got the impression that the trigger finger grip with curled fingers may be the only functional option for DSX if you’re trying to maintain a degree of supination.

I’m asking because the picking set up I seem to be most comfortable with is a mid-supinated USX with an angle pad grip, and yet I’d like to be able to smoothly transition between USX and DSX in a way that’s similar to what’s possible with the lightly supinated trigger finger grip set up. Switching from mid-supination to pronation to achieve a DSX motion seems less than ideal, but perhaps my fears are misplaced, and there’s no real downside here.

My hunch is that the answer to my question is, like it is with many things when it comes to picking, “it depends”. I could see the approach angle, thumb wrap, and even hand size affecting the outcome. When I attempt DSX motion while maintaining a degree of supination with my current grip/finger extension, the results are pretty mixed, and I can’t tell if it’ll ultimately be functional.