Is the Ibanez RG kind of a rite of passage for shred playing?


I just bought my first Ibanez RG, a 1570. It’s a nice guitar, though I may need to get used to how wide and flat the neck is. How many of you have owned one? Did you stick with it, or did you feel you needed to move on to something more suitable and why?


Generally speaking, you can shred on any guitar! RGs are great for shred because of flat necks etc. as they feel very consistent across all strings/frets.

You will adapt easily to any guitar, if it is your primary one, but some people may find swapping guitars regularly may take a bit longer to get used to them. All in all, only you can tell if it is the right guitar for you.


I owned an RG 3570Z in Laser Blue back in 2010 for a few months. The neck was great but the trem annoyed me as I could drop tune on the fly. I loved the tone of the middle single coil pick up though. The fit and finish of the guitar was incredible though.

I sold it because of the trem and it was a pain to tune. It stayed in tune great, but it got a hassle trying to fine tune everything and working with the locking nut.

After the Ibanez I bought a Mayones Regius, which was another great guitar.


RG/JEM are great guitars. Hope you enjoy it. If this is your first double locking trem guitar watch some vids on how to change strings without wanting to throw the guitar out a window. Don’t forget to use positions 2 and 4 they are great for a more Fender Strat type of sound.


It’s not my first double locking trem, but I’m glad to say it seems as stable as the Floyd guitars I’ve owned. I swapped strings on it and it was actually even more stable than my last Floyd guitar. I swapped one string at a time.

I’m noticing if I try to hook my thumb over the edge it hurts. I am now adjusting away from that move, and I’m hoping I can get used to the neck this way.