Is there still a way to get a magnet?


I already tried searching for a similar topic, but found no information. I hope this is the right forum section.

I signed up to Kickstarter to participate in the magnet campaign, but there is no button to do so (I even googled how this works lol).
So I assume that is due to the campaign being over? Is there another way?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards

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Hey @Kalahmeet, indeed the campaign is over and we are still sorting out the production with the factory. I’ll post our latest update on this below.

As soon as the technicalities are resolved and we get some working prototypes we’ll start thinking about setting up pre-orders for those who did not take part in the kickstarter but still want to buy the magnet :slight_smile:


Thank you for your quick reply!
I am looking forward for further updates! :slight_smile:

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Awesome. New to the site, so only just learned about the magnet device. Will definitely purchase one of these as soon as available!

BUMP Hi, I am interested in ordering a magnet - I see you have a LOT on their way. Are they all spoken for? I want one if there are extras. Is there a signup list?


Thanks for the interest! We have our hands full at the moment trying get them into the office and then we’ll have our hands full shipping them out to Kickstarter backers. So they might not be up on the site for a while yet. Best bet is to stay tuned to our email list, we’ll definitely send out a note when we have them available.


What’s the ETA on being able to just order one? Weeks, months?


Did I miss out on the Magnet? Did they come and go already? I’m a bass player and have been working super hard at Right Hand stuff. I know this mount is exactly what I need. Anyone have one they don’t use and want to sell?

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Hey Troy, Fellow Long Islander here, you probably left High School in Farmingdale the year my cousin Cara started there… East Williston / Wheatley High kid here, graduated in '86… I still have my SK1! Your Cracking the Code YouTube series blew my mind for a number of reasons when It first hit. I was at the same place of frustration as you were before you Cracked the first part of the code, as it were, then found your videos.
I am starting, at this advanced age, to finally start taking on guitar and theory with the same determination as I had when I hit an undiagnosed ADHD wall in my 20’s, and I want to really figure out my picking motion on my own…
Hoping that your Magnet will be available for production soon!
Chris, Huntington Station, NY

ha! I had figured Troy for more of a western Nassau guy for some reason.

Harborfields, here.

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Any updates on if the magnet will be available?

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