Is this a good place for a beginner?


Hi everyone,
After 10 years of not playing the guitar I decided to go back at it and give it another try. I just bought an electric guitar 2 weeks ago and I really want to achieve a level of expertise. Right now, I would say I’m at level 1.
Is this a good place to start or is there a pre requisite before I should take this course? When I watched the videos, it seems the aim is how to get super fast but, I’m not even fast yet. I’m super slow.


Welcome. I think its a great place for a beginner. I really wish I had something like this when I started guitar. I could’ve saved a lot of time, if I had a better understanding of ‘picking theory’.


Im not qualified to say what’s good or bad but I really wish I would have known about these concepts from day 1


Hey, welcome! We sure hope so; we want this to be a place for guitarists of all skill levels, genres, ages, you name it :slight_smile:

We made this section on the site as an entry point into our material:

I’d suggest taking a look at that first, for a good intro to picking motions, as well as some tips on how to use the forum for specific technique feedback, if that’s of interest. And if anything’s unclear or you have further questions please feel free to ask us here.

Finally a quick but important note: definitely no need for “super fast” to be your primary goal. The stuff we cover has more to do with efficient / accurate playing…which, yes, can make it easier to play fast, but also applies perfectly well to playing at any speed!