Is this the most influential guitar pick of all time? The story of the 351!


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This is the first chapter from our recent update on pick design & function — all about the nearly 100-year history and lasting influence of the venerable, versatile 351 design.

You can watch the full video here:

And view the rest of the new chapters in the Pickslanting Primer!



Are these the same picks we’re talking about?


Having watched the two videos, in short, a Jazz III pointy pick is best used with a edge picking and a rounded tip plectrum can be used without edge picking or differing degrees of edge picking to change the tone.

And having experimented with two jazz III plectrum, an Eric Johnson small one and a larger tortex 1mm, alongside four plectrums with rounded edges, it is indeed true!

And I’ll say as a bonus piece of etymology, Francis Bacon brought ‘plectrum’ into the English language ultimately from Greek.


Yay! Glad to hear our crackpot science pans out.

Did not know about the etymology. But it is consistent with my love of bacon!