Is Troy Grady's youtube channel enough for improving my picking

so the issue is that right now Im not in a state of financial freedom and can’t really afford a cracking the code
so Im interested if the stuff alone on Troy Grady’s channel is sufficient enough for me to improve my picking?
(sorry if this is a stupid question


Firstly, have you seen the scholarship program?

You can certainly learn a fair amount from Troy’s youtube, the free areas of the site and the forum. It really depends how intuitive you are. I am not very intuitive so I found the parts I was missing and needed reinforced required the paid access. Maybe give it a shot on your own and see how it goes?

You can always submit a technique critique on here whether you are paid or not and that could give you enough feedback to know where to focus.


I second the scholarship program. You can certainly learn a lot from the free material, but I found I needed an almost step by step approach. The picking primer is laid out in a way that helped me most

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You could always just see the free material and ask for some more help here, people tend to be pretty friendly! If you feel you need more, then mull over the paid content.

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I think it all depends on:

-where you are as a player
-where you want to be
-how you personally learn best.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to how they learn things effectively. Some need more step by step direction. Some one on one. Some would be able to take what’s already out there and put it to work

You definitely can improve your technique. At least I did )
Just hang on this forum - it’s full of usefull and interesting information really!

Also, for me the most important thing I learned from Troy was not some specific information on technique but rather the very idea that you can and you should analyze you picking instead of mindless noodling over and over.

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Honestly I think that is the most valuable thing you possibly can take away from it. It extends beyond picking as well

You can definitely learn a lot without spending any money: you can combine the YT videos with the technique critique section here on the Forum, as well as this free “pickopedia” section of the primer:

If you then want more and money is a concern, check out the scholarship program that the others have already suggested :slight_smile:

Honestly, I think this forum has done more than anything else CtC related for honing my picking technique into something not-awful. I do have a membership, and the content IS helpful and very high quality, but it’s mostly just because I think the team is doing good work and I want to support them in that.


Troy’s scholarship program for sure. He was very fair with me. I’m disabled and live on a fixed income.

Can you learn from the YouTube channel? Of course. But will it be enough? That depends on you. You have to answer that. I would suspect not so clearly the membership is important.