Issues with tremolo

Hi all!

I have a very difficult time with my tremolo or playing fast on a single string. I found the “starting with speed” episode extremely enlightening and very helpful but I can’t seem to make it click. In just going for it with any type of technique (elbow, wrist, forearm) I can sometimes feel small pockets of correctness but can’t lock in at all or tell exactly what I’m doing to nail it down.

In terms of speed, what is considered fast when trying to develop these mechanics? I can get in a bar of correctness around 180 that feels smooth but falls apart after that. It almost feels erratic and I can’t “lock in”. I don’t feel super tense (although there is some tension) but I guess what I’m getting at is when building speed, how do I know that I’m doing right? If I can get in a bar that is fast and smooth is that it and I just need to continue to work in that zone and I’ll eventually build the stamina play longer at that speed or do I slow down to a slower tempo (130-160) and work up to where I want to be?


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Hey, I’d recommend making a video of your tremolo and posting here or in the technique critique section for feedback. I think that might be more helpful than having a specific bpm right now.
In general, If struggling to play at 150-160bpm 16ths on one string without excess tension after a few tries it might indicate something is wrong somewhere.

Best to post a video of your attempts at your fastest tremolos to see what’s happening


Thank you for anticipating me, totally agree :slight_smile:

Only thing to add:


If you already have a motion that works at 160bpm and feels comfortable, it would be good to film that too!

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