Jake Workman cross picking


Hey @Troy @Adam @Brendan

I had an online lesson on friday with Jake Workman about cross picking and it was amazing! he had an incredible insight into what he is doing technique wise and i have already seen improvements in my cross picking playing and tone. He is a great teacher and is very clear about what he explains. I think he would be a great person to interview. He said he knows of your stuff and finds it very interesting and he may be interested in getting something going with you guys!

here is a vid of jake absolutely nuking his guitar!!!
Come on guys…make it happen! Pretty please

and now for something slower

is this red haired boy?


Jake is great! He competed at Winfield in 2007 when I was there interviewing Carl Miner. It’s been on my list to give him a shout, but we’re just swamped at the moment - we’ve got a ton of stuff we’ve filmed that we need to get out there.


I’d also like to see this happen! Come on! :blush:


I also had a lesson with him last week - he’s a great guy!
I have also noticed remarkable improvements! I am now starting to be able to do the string rolls smoothly at realistic tempos (triplets at 150bpm) and it feels smooth and flat.

Hopefully this is a breakthrough!

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I’m glad the lesson went well and you’ve seen quick improvement! Is be curious to hear how the lesson was structured, what you learned from it, and if any of the CTC concepts were referenced!

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I sent him a video of me playing before the lesson so we could talk about it. I think that worked really well, a bit like it does here.

Jake is very aware of CtC concepts, so we talked about string hopping, escape motions and cross picking just like we would here. He is aware of his DSX motion, as well how he generates double escapes.

He is super aware, clear at explaining things and gave me a great set of exercises!

I really got a lot out of the lesson and Really recommend him!