Jason Richardson Signature Dunlop Pick

I saw this on the Jim Dunlop site and thought I would post here in case some of you were interested.

It seems to be a signature based and appears to be a cross between a Jazz III XL top with a Dunlop Sharp on the bottom.

I will be adding this pick to my collection, although I really don’t like the Sharps as I find them incredibly hard to play with, even hindering my playing - Jason doesn’t seem to have any problems though!!

What do you all think?

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@aliendough I wonder if this has to do with Jason preferring lighter gauge strings even when very down-tuned. I’ve been noticing I really vary what pick I like depending on the tension, I could see this being good for that scenario.

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What gauge and tuning does he use?

From reading Troy’s comments on pointy picks vs rounded picks, I assumed that Jason would have a severe picking angle and this sharp tip fits his playing. I honestly don’t know though!

He’s using 11-58 on a 7 string in this video tuned down to C# standard

I know he tunes down to C standard as well, and he’s cited as using 10-56 EB paradigm strings at times.

I think Brandon Ellis also plays in C standard with 10.5 on the high E, which I’ve tried out before using the 7 string 10.5-59(?) super light NYXL made for Strandberg strings on my Kiesel - but that guitar is also a Multiscale which adds tension to the lower strings allowing you to go lighter. Even so, playing on that took getting used to and I feel like the string wobble really throws off articulating fast picking runs for me.

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Thanks for the info! I think Brandon Ellis said he uses 8s when in standard tuning - I read that on his Insta, although can’t find the post now.

Anyway, Jason is doing an interview with Chrys Johnson on Player’s Pick Podcast , should be available from tomorrow.

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Nice! Also that makes sense with Brandon - he essentially emulates Malmsteen’s setup on everything and prefers tuning in Eb.

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Down here in the guitar ghetto we’ve been modding our own sharp Jazz iii’s for a while :slight_smile: