Jet to Jet - Alcatrazz solo cover

To put my USX skills to the test, I decided to take on some of my favorite Yngwie solos. There are some mistakes here and there, some big jumps across the fretboard are really hard to play smoothly. I think I have managed how to play it note for note. However, the part at 0:29 remains a mystery to me. The way I play it uses a hammer-on in a way Joe Stump uses hammer-ons. If you guys know how Yngwie plays that, be my guest and please tell me. I’m curious.


Nicely done! Yngwie revisits this style of solo on Fire and Ice.

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Fantastic playing and great efficiency in your picking! It sounds like you really nail Yngwie’s aggressive picking style and screaming vibrato! I know you can’t play very loud where you are, but it would have been even better if we could hear your great playing a bit louder.

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Sounds awesome. Agree that it would be nice to hear your part louder in the mix.

I transcribed this a while ago:

Sounds like your question is at bar 78. I think Yngwie is using pulloffs here to facilitate his classic UUD 3 string arpeggio technique. The tricky bit is definitely the skip from the G string to the E string with outside alternate picking.

I love your transcriptions, you are doing God’s work! I would submit on bar 78, he plays the arps down pull off (on the high e), then up up. It flows easier and he seems to play down beats on a down stroke.

That’s certainly an effective solution, but I don’t think it’s the way Yngwie does it.

You can see the picking of this sequence in this live performance here:

I labeled the section here “Arps”. If you slow it down you can clearly see him starting the high note of each arp with an upstroke. Praise the camera man :wink:

I think this is one of those cases where a more “efficient” mechanic is possible, but Yngwie is too stubborn to alter his technique to sweep with upstrokes unless it’s a 5 or 6 string arpeggio.

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I stand corrected! I just looked at his instructional video too and sure enough, he always starts on the upstroke pull off, up down down.