Jllewi TWPS Descending 6's

Still rough. Have a look. About halfway through I decided to try rotating more to the upward slant. Still looks like I don’t make it past vertical.


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I think this is a good starting point!

That’s absolutely not necessary! It looks like you are already doing the necessary escapes. Do you feel like the pick is slicing nicely through the strings? I’d say that’s one of the important things to look for, don’t worry too much about the visible pickslant.

One suggestion I’d give is to practice more patterns that use the same (or a similar) sequence of pickstrokes - sometimes adding variety can help to consolidate the movement. Things may get stale if you play the same scale chunk all day!

EDIT: another thing I noticed is that your fingers often “choke” the notes right after they are played, so you get some sort of extreme staccato sound. You could experiment with showing just a little extra pick and/or with making slightly bigger movements.


Having looked at the mechanics here a little closer, it’s not really Down Up Rotate, it’s Down Up “Escape”. So if I strike the first of these three with a DWPS, it’s trapped, but that’s ok because the next note is an Up on the same string. That Up is Escaped, but that’s immaterial because the next note is on the same string. The third note is Down-and-Trapped, unless I make it Down-and-Escaped by “rotating” during the stroke. Then the first note on the next string starts up out of the plane of the strings, and is free to end up trapped if the next note is on the same string.
This way of thinking helps me put the “rotation” in the right instant during the stroke that would otherwise be trapped.
Summary- do whatever it takes to use an Escaped stroke before a string change.
P.S. I see from some more recent posts that TWPS is losing favor as the term for this.