Joe Satriani - Love Thing, multiinstrumental cover


Hello guys!

My little dream has just came true and I’ve published “Love Thing” cover including Stu Hamm’s bass solo. I hope to improve my guitar skills and publish more covers with better quality. I hope you like it!


Hey - not fair that you can play so many instruments :smiley:

Great job :+1:

PS: if you could share more details about your recording process / workflow / signal chain, that would be great!


Hello Tommo, thank you very much!

Sure, there are some details:

Flame EXG-7 with Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Sentient pickups -> Zoom G3xn with simple patch based on Tube Screamer and Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier orange channel. Then I’ve added some delay and reverb in postproduction.

Acoustic Guitar
Applause AE-127 recorded through AKG P17 microphone and piezo pickup at the same time. Two tracks panned hard left and right. In the background there is just a touch of the same track recorded by clean electric guitar with a lot of delay and reverb bouncing from left to right.

Bass guitar
Nothing special here, Ibanez SR305EB straight to the interface, then no amp sim, just a touch of compressor in the main part, no compressor in the solo part and some delay with slight difference in time for left and right channel.

AKG P17 at the top and AKG P2 at the bottom. A lot of compressor on both tracks and some delay on the P17 track.

Canon M50

The process / workflow
Unfortunately the video was not recorded live as I wanted to have multiple angles for each instruments. The whole audio was recorded first and then I did video.

I hope it answers your questions. If there is still something missing then please ask.